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Influence & Persuasion Training

Influence & Persuasion Training Courses

The Secrets of Influence
& Persuasion

  • 2 days (bespoke options available)
  • In-house at your organisation
  • Up to 14 participants
  • Intermediate – Senior/Exec

This programme explores the secrets - and science - of influence and persuasion and breaks them down into twelve learnable tactics people can master to turbo-charge their communication & influencing skills and potentially, their career. These tactics are clustered into four themes: persuading, relating, connecting and navigating.

Participants will first understand their influencing ability with our unique diagnostic of their influencing style – strengths and weaknesses. From there they are introduced to our Twelve Tactics of Influence. Influencing skills training is brought to life with practical exercises designed to help participants develop and master each tactic. They will learn techniques to enhance their leadership presence, attune their interpersonal skills, build efficient networks and powerful coalitions, craft persuasive arguments and stories, have difficult conversations, build high-performing teams and embrace their authenticity.

  • Complete diagnostic of participant’s influence & persuasion ability
  • Unique set of practical ‘Influence Canvas’ tools
  • 12-month email and phone support
  • Tailorable programme content.

As with all our programmes and workshops, a thorough consultation process enables the exact content to be co-designed in collaboration with your learning strategy and tailored to meet the participant’s unique learning needs.

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How can we help?

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