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Our annual Xmas Jokestravaganza

Do They Know It’s Christmas?
Yes we do! Welcome to The Pickering Group’s merry post, the last for 2020 – and it’s a cracker.
Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime!
We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season, however you spend it. Chasing the ultimate shade of golden brown, on a turkey or your tan; fighting for the best spot in the campground for the Maui van that you insist calling a Tiny Home; or picking sticky chunks of candy cane out of the good rug til New Years. It’s all Christmas, and it’s all good. Apart from the rug, that’s a write off. 
Last Christmas
Last year we started our tradition of providing you with cracker jokes that you can read aloud to your loved ones around the dinner table until they politely ask you to stop. They’re puns! They’re vaguely business related! They’re better than the paper hats! (note: please print this post and make your own paper hat as none will be provided).
Traditions are sacred, so without further ado let’s crack on:
It’s The Pickering Group Christmas Jokestravaganza! TM
Why did the CEO love Christmas?
He was hoping for some new acquisitions
How did Santa get stuck in the chimney?
He didn’t have an exit strategy
What Mariah Carey hit does a company sing when it needs a new boss?
All I want for Christmas is COO
Why did Santa go for a run?
His business advisor told him to get fiscal
What happened to the woman who started a business selling holly?
She turned it into a hedge fund
What’s it called when elves secretly exchange presents?
Insider trading
What do you call a couple that refuse to entertain visitors at Christmas?
A Private Limited Company
Why is Santa on a diet?
He saw his bottom line
What’s the biggest risk in running a fleet of flying reindeer?
The overheads
Who organises a snowman’s arms?
The branch manager
What should you do at a Christmas networking event?
Mingle all the way

And that’s a (gift)wrap! Join us on LinkedIn or get in touch about sorting your New Years’ Resolutions – we can help you tick off some of your public speaking and influencing goals.  Peruse the back issues of our blog while you soak up some sun, or find yourself on our Evasion to Inspiration model. Have a wonderful festive season and we’ll see you in the New Year.

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