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Who wants to present with impact, inspire confidence, and get results?

2022 has been a year… and it’s not over yet.

We’ve seen the end of lockdowns, vaccine passports and (for the most part) masks. We’ve reopened our borders – welcoming visitors and losing Kiwis with itchy feet. We’ve seen the cost of living rise, and pressures on businesses around staffing, supply chains and navigating a contracting economy. But still we battle on.

Kiwis’ ‘number 8 wire’ mentality means we’re a resourceful bunch who can think laterally to solve problems. This serves us well in the current age of ideas. However, I think we can all agree that ideas have varying levels of value. (Selfie sticks, anyone?)  

The danger is that we run the risk of favouring the loudest ideas over the best. 

Addressing the balance

We need to hear other voices. We need the quiet, the considered, the ethical, the authentic, the thoughtful and the kind to step forward – confidently and persuasively – to communicate ideas that inspire us with a sense of meaning, belonging and purpose. That’s why I do what I do.

I don’t want to see promising careers stall, or great ideas fail to connect because of poor presentation skills. Instead, I equip people to craft and deliver impactful presentations that inform, motivate and inspire.

Whether you’re looking to change the world with your ideas – or want to lead more effectively, increase your value within your organisation and ensure you don’t lose your job to a machine, presentation skills will help. The ability to communicate effectively, connect people and change minds is a critical part of leadership – and a vital skill in today’s knowledge economy.

It's time to speak up

If you have ideas that are of value, it’s time to speak up. Or perhaps you’re wanting to arm your people with the skills to present with more impact. I’m on a mission to ensure that ideas of value are communicated well. After all, it’s the communication and execution of good ideas that drive our organisations (and our lives) forward. And we need that now more than ever!

The end of 2022 is closing in quickly – and I have limited capacity left this year to deliver my Presentation Training & Public Speaking Skills, Business Storytelling and Influence & Persuasion Training programmes.

It’s tempting to put things off until we ramp back up in the new year, but December and January are great times to jumpstart personal and professional development to hit the ground running in 2023.

Those with great ideas can change the world – and ‘wallflower’ has never really looked great on anybody, especially go-getters like you. It’s time to step into the spotlight – get in touch today.

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