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Are your PowerPoint's poisoning us?

It seemed like the best idea ever: liven up business presentations with a slide show. Pictures! Graphs! A weird 80s Dr Who-style spiral dissolve vortex! Surely visual aids would turn boring meetings into a mashup of Mad Men and a game of laser tag.

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A guide to using humour in your presentations

We often stress that your one job in any business presentation is to deliver your message - clearly, concisely, in a way that’s relevant to your audience – communicate your message. You shouldn’t feel any pressure to entertain, especially if worrying about your delivery is going to distract you from the job at hand. But - and it’s a big but – humour can be a way to deliver that message more effectively.

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On spontaneous pleonasms and other devices

Riddle time! What sounds like a disease, but makes people want to get closer to you? Literally any rhetorical device. Many can make your written and spoken language more engaging, some we should be wary of, and some we should avoid.

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Ready to see the light? Evader to Inspirer - Pt III

Over the last two weeks we’ve been breaking down our Spotlight model, our tool for identifying your current public speaking skills status.

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What is your public speaking type? Evader to Inspirer - Part I

20/07/20. How many personality quizzes did you do over lockdown? Whether you prefer to tell people you’re a Virgo Dragon or an ENTJ, it can be fascinating, even enlightening, to find a fitting category. Did you know your public speaking style falls into one of ten categories too?

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It's a conspiracy!

This election cycle we’ve seen conspiracy theories come to new prominence. The upswell in conspiracy thinking is having a tangible influence over political discourse, and it's tiring. Even the lizard people are over it.

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Should you use memes in presentations? Take the test.

What is a meme? We’re glad you asked. It’s a unit of social currency, a piece of concentrated information that spreads around a group. It’s an in-joke, like what we all know about Ian since the conference last year.

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Working with the Uncertainty

Sometimes it feels like the only thing we can control is the remote, and we’re all out of Netflix. Life seems paused, but at the same time world events are rushing forward at a terrifying pace. The best way to cope with chaos is to identify what we can actually effectively do, then do the things.

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Evader to Inspirer - Part II

27/07/20. We’ve been breaking down our Evasion to Inspiration model for you. If you’re just joining us, our model identifies ten archetypes of organisational communicator (presenter or public speaker), grading them on a continuum from in the shadows (not reaching their potential in terms of communicating clear and effective messages) to in the spotlight (achieving persuasive, authentic and impactful communication).

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The Bold And The Beautiful: Modelling Courage

29/06/20. There’s a famous quote attributed to Mark Twain: “There are two types of speakers: those who get nervous, and those who are liars.” The Venn diagram of people who speak in public and people who are nervous about their public speaking is a circle. But what if we had another Venn diagram for you – one that showed how to draw on your courage when it comes to public speaking? Because – wait for it - we do have one.

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