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Evader to Inspirer - Part II

27/07/20. We’ve been breaking down our Evasion to Inspiration model for you. If you’re just joining us, our model identifies ten archetypes of organisational communicator (presenter or public speaker), grading them on a continuum from in the shadows (not reaching their potential in terms of communicating clear and effective messages) to in the spotlight (achieving persuasive, authentic and impactful communication).

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The Bold And The Beautiful: Modelling Courage

29/06/20. There’s a famous quote attributed to Mark Twain: “There are two types of speakers: those who get nervous, and those who are liars.” The Venn diagram of people who speak in public and people who are nervous about their public speaking is a circle. But what if we had another Venn diagram for you – one that showed how to draw on your courage when it comes to public speaking? Because – wait for it - we do have one.

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Ready when you are.

19/05/20. New Zealand is coming back together and we're ready when you are. At The Pickering Group, we’ve always been champions of spoken business communication that leads with clarity, confidence and compassion. We’ve all seen the importance of these qualities over the past few months: effective communication has been crucial for both our physical and emotional wellbeing. Clarity, confidence and compassion in your spoken business communication has never been more important, and we’re here to help.

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Ok Zoomers...the fatigue is real

1/5/20. You’ve finished a long work week of video meetings and you’re looking forward to some hard-earned video work drinks. You’re gearing up for a weekend of video calls with family and you’ll fit a video quiz night in there. Maybe you even make a little on the side with other on-camera activities. That’s fine, no judgment, you do you. But if you’re like everyone else (at least, everyone in the third of all humanity currently on lockdown) you’ll be experiencing a brand-new phenomenon known as Zoom Fatigue.

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Tips For Giving Great Remote Presentations

31/03/20. One of the most disconcerting things about working in a virtual environment is having so many things out of our control. Tech can let us down, someone might forget to dial in, our pyjama pants might fall down at a crucial moment. Just kidding, all the snacking means those pants are going nowhere. But how can we feel more in control?

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