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Is Public Speaking Anxiety A Form Of Selfishness?

21/02/20. Take a look at this video. It comes not from the world of presentation training, but from Westeros. Actor Jonathan Pryce (The High Sparrow in Game of Thrones) somewhat bluntly describes stage fright as selfishness. Ouch. That’s so cold it actually feels like winter is coming. Jonathan suggests your focus should be on the audience and what they’re getting out of the encounter, not yourself and how you’re performing, and we think he’s onto something.

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Gif of the woman leaving the meeting - with the text How you leave when the office meeting could have been an email

Dreading Your Work Meetings? Read on...

28/01/20. Chances are your day will include a meeting. Our condolences. If it’s like most meetings it will drag you away from something else you were in the middle of. It’ll be held up by that one colleague who just has to make a coffee first, keeping everyone in awkward silence while the milk froths. The PowerPoint will develop an interesting issue that the IT guy has never seen before, leaving the projection screen ruthlessly frozen on your holiday selfie wallpaper. Nice togs btw.

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Bad Xmas Jokes

16/12/19. Sleigh-bells ring, are you listening? It’s Santa, or at least someone cosplaying as Santa charging for selfies in a mall. The silly season is upon us! Formerly sane colleagues suddenly want to chat about Elf on the Shelf. There was talk of a company float in the Christmas parade, but no one owns a ute. There’s an increasingly angsty office-wide debate about the eco-friendliness of tinsel. Are you getting anything done at work these days, apart from bravely not commenting on the receptionist’s antler headband?

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Supersize Your Business Storytelling Skills

19/11/19 Q: What did the Arts student say to the Engineering student? A: Would you like fries with that? And there it is, a joke loaded with all the linguistic originality you’d expect from someone who scorns the arts.

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