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Cut the Cord: Overcoming the Rise of the ChatGPT-Generated Presentation

AI is everywhere, and it’s cropping up in more places, making some pretty convincing pictures, deep fake videos, and articles. The New Zealand Herald even briefly used an AI image as part of an article for International Womens’ Day earlier this year

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How do you prepare a presentation when you don’t know your audience?

Recently I was asked this question at a workshop. So I did what I always do when this question comes up: I pushed back. “Give me an example of when you don’t know your audience,” I asked.

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You don’t have to be the best presenter to be the right presenter

A lot of books out there focus on the leader’s duty to deliver inspiring messages, unite teams, and drive people towards a common purpose. But what about the presentations that happen at every level of your organisation? What do you do when you’re trying to persuade your people, and you’re not at the top of the heap?

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Want to win hearts and minds?

I recently ran a mastery programme. Four half-day workshops and coaching sessions, with eight people in the group. All the participants were highly skilled professionals who dealt with figures and analysis for a living. They worked by and for the balance sheet. But the result of living in this world was that they were all heavy on the rational side of explaining: they were the Informer archetype.

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How understanding obstacles can lead to creating great content

If you want to capture your audience’s attention – and their hearts and minds – then relevant, engaging content is going to be a top priority. If you understand your audience, you’re that much closer to creating content that really resonates with them.

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